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Best Supplements of 2015

Below we have ranked the top 10 supplements in each category for 2015. We base our rankings on a number of factors such as quality, price, nutrition, sales, online reviews etc. Select a category of supplements below to get started.

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Why are Dietary Supplements Important?

There is a lot of controversy out there as to whether or not you should take dietary supplements and the critics are pretty vocal; claiming supplements are a waste of money and that you can derive all your nutrients from a regular diet. Additionally, they claim that people are not deprived of nutrition because of the way foods are fortified nowadays.

To firmly back the above claims requires a leap in faith. One has to agree and truly believe that there is nothing wrong with our food supply, and that it is providing us with the same nutrition as the generations of the past. This assertion is simply too hard to digest, as countless studies have concluded that the majority of our citizens are nutritionally deprived.

Foods tend to differ in the amount of nutrition they carry, and our bodies prefer to intake the high-quality kind. But because our food supply is overflowing with food which lacks the high-quality nutrition, due to micro-nutrient deprived soils among other causes; dietary supplements can be used as a balancing weight.

How Supplements Help

Whether you know it, or whether you believe it or not, there is a struggle going on out there and it involves your short and long term health. The conflict is between the people and companies who are trying to promote better nutrition, and food manufacturers who are solely focused on making products less costly so they can gain a competitive advantage.

You don't have to travel far to conclude who is winning, a trip to your local supermarket would suffice. However, it is also important to note that there are alternative ways to get your missing nutrition other than supplements such as: growing your own food, buying pure organic food from a market near you (this option typically means an increase in your grocery budget), etc.

Certain nutrients however tend to be short of supply, even in pure organic foods. Because of all of the above, supplements that are of nutritional high-quality serve as a balancing force and are most likely to do a significantly greater amount of good as opposed to harm.