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BPI Sports RoxyLean ranks in the top ten of our list of best fat burners for men, with an outstanding 8.3 out of 10 from users and reviewers alike.  With thiamin and niacin in high dosages, along with the potent caffeine in this product, there is no wonder why users have said such great things about this product.  “Really good for energy and appetite control. Only one pill –and it’s strong!”  Users have said that this fat burner for men has increased their energy in a non-overwhelming way, and boosted their fat burning like crazy.  “I was at a plateau before starting RoxyLean and it looks like it is moving things along.”  So, if you’re on a weight-loss plateau and looking for a fat burner, boost in energy and an appetite suppressant, RoxyLean seems to be a great option for reaching your goals.  “RoxyLean is my go to fat burning product when I need to shed the excess fat and water.  I have tried numerous other products but the results I get from RoxyLean keep me coming back.”

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BPI Sports RoxyLean can be found for as low as $21.72 on amazon.com, but the price can go all the way up to $38.99 (LuckyVitamin.com), so be aware of the price on the site where you purchase this amazing product.  Although the higher price is great for such a powerful product, we recommend looking around the web for the best deal possible.  Sale prices drop this already reasonable price significantly, with some retailers offering free shipping or bulk packs.  The best prices seen are on either bodybuilding.com or amazon.com, especially on sales days.  There are much smaller bottles available for testing out the effectiveness for yourself.  These usually run around $6.99. Lowest Price We Found


BPI Sports RoxyLean comes in bottles of 60 capsules, one month’s worth..


“First I wish [to] thank BPI for products that have surpassed my expectations.  Being new to the whole supplement world made me quite skeptical, until I tried your RoxyLean Product.  It’s been a few months past my 1 year mark to get healthier and after dropping 45lbs, hit that plateau that seems so insurmountable. That’s when I started using RoxyLean.  I have since moved down to 170 [pounds] from my max of 245 [pounds]. I’m a believer, thanks again!”  Users recommend cycling in and out of use of this product for best results, stacked on a healthy diet and good fitness training program.  “I have used this product over the two month supply.  I am off of it now for a total of two week before starting a new cycle. It has been amazing the fat I have burned. I love this product.  But you have to know your limits and know this is a powerful fat burner.  [I am] 6 foot 1 inches [and] was 248 pounds and am now 228 pounds.”  As with all fitness and nutritional supplements, be sure to follow directions for BPI Sports RoxyLean.  While there are fewer to no side effects from this product, everyone’s body is different, so “do as you’re told” with this potent product.  Test your tolerance and build up the dosage as suggested.   If you’re ready for some intense fat burning and peak energy, then this is quite likely the product for you. Buy Now

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Online User Reviews

Rating: ★★★★★

Roxylean in one word is INCREDIBLE. The energy and mental focus are out of this world but the fat burning effects are even better! I did a 2 month cycle of it and dropped 15 lbs and lost almost no muscle. It is great for cutting and I will definitely use it again. I have recommended it to all my friends!

By: Superman0305

Rating: ★★★★½

Took roxylean for the first time before summer started. It definitely helped me lose excess fat especially in my legs and abdomen. I also noticed a suppressed appetite which i am sure is normal for most fat burners. I have to say this is an effective product!

By: hkosaka91

Rating: ★★★★½

feeling leaner, cutter and gotten tons of compliments about how ive trimmed down and got cut! LOVE IT

By: Landonwall

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