Do vitamins for hair growth work?

hair growth vitamins

Are hair growth vitamins effective?

Although it is obvious that the body can always use vitamins, some can be considered as hair growth vitamins. For example, many people suffer from hair loss who want to regrow their hair and find that there are some vitamins for faster hair growth available. These vitamins include E, C and A.

In particular, there is definitely a strong connection between vitamin E and hair growth, especially considering that having enough vitamin E is required to have optimum growth of hair. While it does not particularly stop hair loss for those who have the genes to lose their hair, not having enough vitamin E in one’s diet is likely to lead to hair thinning and breakage. Having enough can promote scalp health and help grow hair more rapidly.

Vitamins for faster hair growth are as important as getting vitamins for the rest of the body. The link between this vitamin for hair growth is proven as there is proof that not taking in E can lead to dry, brittle hair, which causes bald spots and thinning hair. The two are also connected as it shows vitamin E can increase circulation throughout the body and the head, allowing faster and thicker hair growth as it stimulates hair follicles. Not having enough of this vitamin leads to unhealthy hair once it does grow.

do hair growth vitamins work

There are several health care serums with vitamins for hair growth, though these can get expensive, making it the best choice to look into vitamin supplements instead. For a more natural approach, it is good to try to get vitamin E through vegetables and similar foods as well. In fact, the best approach is to combine these methods in order to get all of the benefits.

Vitamins E and C

As previously mentioned, there are some other required vitamins for hair growth. Though the common link rests between E and the scalp, just about any vitamin can help control the overall health of the body and scalp. This is especially true with vitamins C and D as they are antioxidants that prevent hair cell damage. Vitamin E has the job of circulating the blood all throughout the scalp to help promote hair, because this allows more oxygen to enter the scalp and the rest of the body. Some good food sources of this vitamin include leafy green vegetables, nuts and whole grains.

As mentioned, vitamin C is a nutrient that is important for growing hair again as it is designed to increase collagen, which is another substance that can be found in a scalp that is healthy. Not only will this vitamin promote better hair growth but it will also help by allowing the hair that is already there to stay there as long as possible. This is due to the simple fact that the vitamin C will moisturize the hair and make each one less likely to become damaged. Found in bananas, grapefruits and peas, there are plenty of places to get some more vitamin C.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is another one of the more helpful vitamins needed to promote hair growth. In a similar vein to vitamin C, vitamin A can moisturize the scalp and hair, though its primary focus is to lubricate the hair roots. In addition, it prevents the nerve fibers from becoming damaged; this is beneficial since healthy nerves are the only ones capable of telling the follicles that it should grow more hair. The best sources of vitamin A are dairy products like milk and cheese, though broccoli and sweet potatoes are also excellent sources to go along with supplements.

Vitamin B

Finally, the last set of vitamins one can use to promote hair growth is the family of B vitamins. This includes B5, which is designed to thicken the stands and improve the metabolism of the scalp. In addition, vitamin B3 can lower the cholesterol levels of the body to help improve circulation of the blood, which is a positive thing as high cholesterol slows down the flow of the blood. In addition, B2 increases red blood cells to help support hair follicles. The best place to get these vitamins for hair growth in conjunction with supplements include whole grains and leafy greens.


At the end of the day, it is a fair conclusion to come to that vitamins for hair growth can help getting your hair growing once again.

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