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Before we start on who we are and what we’re all about, we want to just take a second and congratulate you on your journey to good health and wellness. As we all know, health supplements will help guide you along the way, but nothing comes to fruition without hard work; which you’ve decided to embrace and tackle head on, so kudos to you!

The goal of improving ones self is admirable and should be encouraged at every step of the way. Along with encouragement, the sharing of past experiences and knowledge is as equally and if not more important, for it is the compass we use to attain supreme aesthetics and more importantly a healthy functioning body. We are fortunate to be trusted with this task and continue to be that compass for our audiences.

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Behind The Scenes: How Was Established

Top10Supps, as we like to refer to ourselves, was founded what now seems forever ago, back in 2010. Originally, Top10Supps started out as a way for a few lifelong friends and fitness enthusiasts to not just keep track of the best supplements available at the time, but also attempt to establish an repository of all things bodybuilding and dietary supplements related; in order to reference and utilize this info in making informed decisions regarding their health and long term well being.

The use of supplements was speedily on the rise and there was little to none quality information available at the time. What there was a lot of, however, was bogus claims and marketing ploys that resulted in the consumers not only being left confused by it all, but also consuming questionable products with no due diligence being done on whether what they were taking was actually beneficial to them.

We came to the conclusion that a lot of the dietary supplements out there at the time, and even some of the absolute best supplements available, were sub-par at best. Though the supplements industry has come a long way in these past five years, there is now an even bigger need to keep track of potential bogus claims, questionable ingredients, and just the overall effectiveness of the supplements.

In the beginning, admittedly, we were primarily driven by fear; the fear of consuming dangerous supplements and causing serious harm to our bodies. We knew we wanted to supplement our workouts with only the best supplements available, but also we wanted to make sure they were safe, adhered to the laws, and contained identifiable and lab tested ingredients. The more we learned, the more we stored on this website and couldn’t help but share with others. All of this led us to pursue health and fitness more seriously, whilst still having fun, and set out on a mission which we discuss below.

The Goal: Provide Quality And Valuable Dietary Supplement Information To Our Readers was originally established to help navigate the overly saturated supplements industry and avoid using the wrong kinds of supplements, whether for a lack of effectiveness of those supplements or just questionable practices by certain companies, the goal was to stay informed, and stay safe. Not much has changes, our passionate commitment remains, but our goal has expanded.

Our ultimate goal is to provide quality and valuable dietary supplement and nutrition information to our audiences. To go the extra mile, and remove the marketing masks on products, revealing their fundamental compositions, and evaluating the soundness of the claims being made by supplement manufacturers. Stripping all misinformation and leaving only the truth for our audience, thus saving them money and time on their journey through fitness.

Encompassed in our goal is the partnering with health and wellness industry professionals such as fitness personal trainers, dietary nutrition specialists and experts, as well as bodybuilders and lifelong fitness enthusiasts who have dedicated the majority of their lives to the bettering of their bodies and have accumulated invaluable experience as well as interesting stories along the way.

Directly resulting from our goal of providing you with supplement and nutrition information is the realization of Top10Supps as being the number one go-to source for: trusted supplement reviews, trusted supplement rankings, health and fitness articles, recipes, supplement videos, links to research on supplements, real world fitness results, trusted industry experts, and a community of health and fitness enthusiasts.

The Execution: Supplement Reviews And Rankings Based On Various Criterion

In a perfect world, setting goals and executing them would be a very simple process void of any hurdles along the way. As we are all well aware, however, we do not live in that perfect world. We say this because, every supplement review or supplement critique website you will visit will all claim the same thing: unbiased supplement reviews and nutrition info, industry expertise, best protein powder reviews, commitment to evidence based supplement research, and other things regarding supplementation and nutrition. The execution of this however is not easy, and the behind the scenes effort and dedication needed to bring this all together is important to emphasize to our audience.

By immersing ourselves and becoming one with the fitness and supplements industry we continue to produce superior content and get immeasurable joy in receiving feedback from our community; whether it is of positive or suggestive nature, our goal is continuous improvement, we therefore take both kinds into consideration.

We encourage our community members to discuss our research and reach out on anything you feel we have overlooked. We love to read the feedback we get and nothing brings us more joy than receiving a reference to a new study on supplements from our community.

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