Best Arjuna Supplements – Top 10 Brands Ranked for 2019

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This is our list of the best selling arjuna products on the market right now.

These 10 arjuna brands have been ranked because they dominate the e-commerce sales charts, fitness bloggers love them and they have the highest user reviews online.

Top 10 Arjuna Products Compared

1. Himalaya Organic Arjuna

Himalaya Organic Arjuna 60 Caplets for Cholesterol

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare makes this arjuna supplement, which contains 700mg of arjuna in each serving. This supplement is made with organically grown arjuna. It contains arjuna in multiple forms: a CO2 extract, a standardized extract, and powder from the bark as well as the leaf. There are no additional ingredients.

Specs and Highlights

  • 700mg of arjuna per caplet
  • 60 caplets per container
  • USDA certified arjuna
  • No additives or artificial ingredients

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2. Life Extension Cardio Peak w/ Standardized Hawthorn and Arjuna

Life Extension Cardio Peak w Standardized Hawthorn and Arjuna

This is a combination supplement from Life Extension. It contains arjuna as well as hawthorn. Arjuna is the primary herb in this supplement, as each serving contains 750mg of arjuna. There is 30mg of hawthorn in each serving. The arjuna extract is a 10:1 extract of the bark, which is standardized to contain 40% polyphenols. This is a vegetarian supplement.

Specs and Highlights

  • 750mg of arjuna per serving (two capsules)
  • 120 capsules per container
  • 30mg of hawthorn per serving
  • Vegetarian

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3. Nutrigold Arjuna Gold

Nutrigold Arjuna Gold

This arjuna supplement from Nutrigold contains 500mg in each serving. It’s standardized to contain 2.5mg of arjunolic acid and 200mg of tannins. This is a non-GMO supplement. It contains no magnesium stearate and is regularly third-party tested.

Specs and Highlights

  • 500mg of arjuna per capsule
  • 90 capsules per container
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • No magnesium stearate

4. Solaray Arjuna Supplement

Solaray Arjuna Supplement

Solaray’s arjuna supplement contains 500mg of arjuna in each serving. It’s standardized to contain 0.5% (2.5mg) arjunolic acid. This supplement is vegetarian. It does contain magnesium stearate.

Specs and Highlights

  • 500mg of arjuna per capsule
  • 60 capsules per container
  • Vegetarian

5. Swanson Arjuna

Swanson Arjuna

This Swanson supplement contains 500mg of arjuna in each serving, and is standardized to contain 0.5% arjunolic acid. It does contain magnesium stearate as well as dextrin.

Specs and Highlights

  • 500mg of arjuna per capsule
  • 60 capsules per container
  • Vegetarian

6. Banyan Botanicals Arjuna Powder – Certified Organic

Banyan Botanicals Arjuna Powder - Certified Organic

This arjuna supplement from Banyan Botanicals is in powder form, rather than a capsule or tablet. This supplement is made from organically grown arjuna; it’s made with the bark of the tree. The recommended dose is a quarter-teaspoon to a half-teaspoon with warm water, once to twice daily. In addition to being organic, this supplement is certified fair-trade and is sustainably sourced. There are no additional ingredients of any kind.

Specs and Highlights

  • 0.5lb (227g) of arjuna bark powder
  • USDA certified organic
  • Fairly traded
  • Sustainably sourced

7. HerbsForever Arjuna Powder

HerbsForever Arjuna Powder (Bark)

This arjuna supplement from HerbsForever is in powdered form. It’s made using wild-crafted arjuna bark, which is sun-dried and powdered. The arjuna is non-GMO. This supplement is made using traditional Ayurvedic methods for full potency and integrity of the herb.

Specs and Highlights

  • 16oz (454g) of arjuna bark powder
  • Wild-crafted
  • Non-GMO
  • Made using traditional methods

8. Ayush Herbs Arjuna-Heart 90c

Ayush Herbs Arjuna-Heart 90c

It contains 300mg of arjuna in each capsule, as well as 100mg of Inula racemosa and several other nutrients: calcium, magnesium, folic acid and vitamin B6. The capsule is vegetarian. This supplement does also contain magnesium stearate. There are 90 servings in each container.

Specs and Highlights

  • 300mg of arjuna per capsule
  • 90 capsules per container
  • Vegetarian
  • Contained additional vitamins and minerals

9. Planetary Herbals Arjuna Cardio Comfort Tablets

Planetary Herbals Arjuna Cardio Comfort Tablets

This very affordable arjuna supplement from Planetary Herbals contains 460mg of herb in each serving. It contains a proprietary blend including arjuna as well as hawthorn, ginseng, Chinese salvia root, and guggul. The specific amounts of each herb are not specified. There’s also 128mg of calcium in each serving.

Specs and Highlights

  • 460mg of proprietary blend of arjuna and other herbs
  • 60 tablets per container
  • Vegetarian

10. HawaiiPharm Arjuna Liquid Extract

HawaiiPharm Arjuna Liquid Extract

HawaiiPharm makes an arjuna supplement in liquid extract form. This extract is available as an alcohol-based or alcohol-free product. It’s made from the dried bark of the arjuna tree, using a 1:3 ratio. This extract can be taken by putting a dropper full of extract into a glass of water or juice. There’s 970mg of arjuna extract in each serving.

Specs and Highlights

  • 970mg of arjuna per serving
  • 2oz of arjuna extract
  • About 120 servings in a container
  • Certified organic
  • No additional ingredients
  • 1:3 ratio

What is Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna)?

Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) is a type of tree that is native to South Asia. It grows 20-25 meters tall and has a wife canopy with smooth gray bark. This tree has been used as part of traditional Ayurvedic medicine since the seventh century. Arjuna is named after a famous Indian hero because of its ability to protect and defend human health.

Arjuna is nicknamed “guardian of the heart”. The bark is the medically useful part of the tree. This medicine was first introduced by an Indian healer named Vagbhata, and it has been in use in India for thousands of years.

Arjuna has been a familiar and sacred plant in South Asia, particularly in India, for many centuries. Recently, it has become popularized in the West as well.

Things to Look For in a Good Arjuna Supplement

A high-quality arjuna supplement will specify the source of the plant, as well as whether it was grown organically. It should contain no other additives or fillers. It should clearly state the standardized dose of pure arjuna extract in each serving, and specify which part of the plant was used.

A quality arjuna supplement may also contain other herbs to complement the effects of arjuna. However, taking arjuna alone is also effective.

How to Take Arjuna

Arjuna is most commonly available in the U.S. as a powder, either in capsule or tablet form. A water extract of the bark is also used.

Always follow the guide on your specific supplement, and consult with your doctor.

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