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What is Boron?

Boron is a vital trace mineral found naturally in some foods, including certain fruits and nuts. Some boron foods include walnuts, avocados, almonds, broccoli, pears, red grapes, prunes, potatoes, honey, oranges, red apples, and raisins. A typical diet could provide anywhere from 0.25mg to 3.25mg of boron per day.

Because no essential biological role has been identified for boron, no Recommended Daily Allowance has been established. It’s not considered an essential nutrient for human life, but it does have some interesting effects on the body’s processing of other nutrients. When taking in supplement form, boron can be used for a variety of purposes.

Uses of Boron

Boron has some effects on its own, but many of its purported benefits have to do with its effect on other minerals. Boron changes the way the body processes key nutrients including magnesium and calcium. Boron has been studied in clinical trials for the following applications:

  • Boron Deficiency – although rare, boron deficiency can contribute to osteoarthritis-like symptoms in joints and bones, along with other symptoms. Boron deficiency is not a clearly defined medical condition, making it difficult to diagnose, but experts have advised that taking boron in supplement form may help you avoid a deficiency.
  • Joint Health – a clinical review found that boron is an essential nutrient for healthy bones and joints – although the authors warned that further research was required. It is thought that boron affects the body’s processing of other key nutrients, including calcium and magnesium, which is one reason the mineral is said to have joint health boosting properties. It’s unclear whether supplemental boron has a positive effect on otherwise healthy individuals, but initial research shows promise in its ability to support joint health.
  • Period Pain – some research has suggested that large doses of boron (10mg/day) taken around the time of menstrual bleeding may help to reduce painful period symptoms in young women. Note that higher doses are required for these effects (the standard boron dosage is about 3mg). Further research is required.
  • Testosterone – preliminary evidence suggests that boron may reduce estrogen levels in healthy males, leading to a potential increase in free testosterone levels. Although promising, this was a small-scale study, so more research is needed.
  • Vaginal Infection – boric acid, a form of boron, can be used to lessen symptoms of yeast infections and other vaginal infections. A review of clinical evidence concluded that “boric acid is a safe, alternative, economic option for women with recurrent and chronic symptoms of vaginitis…” However, boric acid must be applied topically in order to fight infection – it’s unclear if consuming boron supplements will have any effect on vaginal infections.
  • Other Uses – there are several other purported uses of boron that have not been thoroughly studied enough to reach a conclusion. These uses include countering vaginal infections (when applied topically), supporting mental function in older adults, and improving osteoarthritis and osteoporosis symptoms. Again, all these uses have been studied, but there is insufficient evidence to reach a conclusion one way or the other.

How to Take Boron

Boron should be taken once daily, with or without a meal. The standard recommended dose is 3mg per day. This amount has been widely studied and ruled as a safe dosage level.

For some applications, higher doses of 6mg to 10mg are recommended. notes that the ideal dosage is simply not known at this time, because no RDA has been established by the federal government, and more clinical research is required. The Tolerable Upper Intake Level (which refers to the maximum amount before any negative effects would be expected), is listed at 20mg per day. Most people will not experience adverse effects if they stay under this amount.

Boron Side Effects and Precautions

When taken in doses less than the UL level of 20mg per day, boron does not typically cause side effects. In large doses, boron can cause poisoning and symptoms including skin peeling and inflammation, weakness, irritability, headaches, nausea, and more.

Certain groups of people should exercise caution when considering taking boron. If you fall into any of these categories, you should speak with your doctor before beginning supplementation:

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Those with hormone-sensitive medical conditions
  • Those with breast, uterine, or ovarian cancer
  • Those with kidney disease or compromised kidney function

What to Look for in a Good Boron Supplement

A good boron product should contain an adequate quantity of the active ingredient (usually 3mg). Additionally, it should contain few to no fillers, additives and unnecessary ingredients. It should be made by a reputable company that follows good manufacturing processes, and sources ingredients with care. Lastly, it should be offered at a reasonable price.

Top 10 Boron Products Compared

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1. NOW Foods Boron

NOW Foods Boron

NOW Foods Boron is perhaps the best boron supplement on the market. It contains 3mg of the active ingredient, is free of GMOs and most common allergens, and is made by one of the best companies in the industry. It’s simple, very affordable, and an easy pick for our top recommendation.


  • 3mg boron per serving
  • Non-GMO
  • Very affordable
  • Excellent reviews
  • Made by a great company

Who Makes It?

NOW Foods is a Illinois-based company specializing in health supplements and health foods. They are one of the largest in the business, with over a thousand unique products, and 50 years of industry experience. They have worked hard to build a stellar reputation, and they are a company you can trust.

Bottom Line

This is a simple, powerful boron supplement from one of the most trusted names in the industry. It contains the standard recommended dosage of the active ingredient, and not much else. It’s also extremely affordable, without sacrificing quality.

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2. Life Extension Boron

Life Extension Boron

Life Extension Boron is a good boron supplement that uses an advanced chelate complex with added riboflavin (vitamin B2). It’s affordable, easy to use, and packaged in vegetarian capsules.


  • 3mg boron per serving
  • 25mg riboflavin (vitamin B2) per serving
  • Advanced chelate complex formula
  • Affordable
  • Good reviews
  • Vegetarian

Who Makes It?

Life Extension is a Florida-based company that aims to help their customers live healthier, longer lives. They produce a wide range of supplements and health products, with a focus on quality, purity, and potency.

Bottom Line

This is a great product overall with both boron and vitamin B2. It’s quite affordable, easy to take, and it’s made by a great company with a good reputation.

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3. Nature’s Way Boron Complex

Nature's Way Boron Complex

Nature’s Way Boron Complex is a premium quality nutritional supplement containing 3mg of boron per serving. It’s free of gluten and most common allergens and is made by a well-respected supplement manufacturer.


  • 3mg boron per serving
  • Made with boron amino acid complex
  • Free of gluten, sugar, yeast, wheat, corn, soy, dairy and most other common allergens
  • Contains ingredients carefully tested for quality and purity
  • Affordable
  • Great reviews

Who Makes It?

Nature’s Way is a large supplement company based in Wisconsin. They produce hundreds of products, and with worldwide distribution you can find their offerings on store shelves across the globe.

Bottom Line

This is a top boron supplement from a top-quality producer. It utilizes a boron amino acid complex for bioavailability, and it’s offered at a great price.

4. Twinlab Tri-Boron Plus

TWINLAB Tri-Boron Plus

Twinlab Tri-Boron Plus is a unique nutritional supplement containing boron, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc and more. It’s formulated to provide the cofactors necessary to improve the absorption and efficacy of boron.


  • 5mg boron per serving
  • 200 iu vitamin D
  • 500mg calcium
  • 250mg magnesium
  • 5mg zinc
  • 250mcg copper
  • 5mg manganese
  • Formulated with boron cofactors

Who Makes It?

Twinlab is a Utah-based supplement company dedicated to the pursuit of high-quality supplements and health aids.

Bottom Line

This is an interesting product that some people will find useful. The manufacturer claims that by combining boron with several cofactors, the effects are magnified – but, there have not been adequate studies to confirm or deny this claim.

5. Swanson Triple Boron Complex

Swanson Triple Boron Complex

Swanson Triple Boron Complex is an innovative supplement that combines 3 different types of boron. It is made following Good Manufacturing Practices and features guaranteed purity and potency.


  • 3mg of boron per serving
  • Tri-boron complex from citrate, aspartate and glycinate
  • Guaranteed purity and potency
  • Made using GMP protocol
  • A bit expensive

Who Makes It?

Swanson is a well-known manufacturer and retailer of discount health supplements and vitamins. They have been in the industry for nearly 50 years and have built a great reputation.

Bottom Line

This is a good product, but it’s a touch expensive. It’s unclear whether having multiple types of boron is more beneficial than a single type.

6. Pure Encapsulations – Boron (Glycinate)

Pure Encapsulations - Boron (Glycinate)

Pure Encapsulations Boron is a hypoallergenic supplement containing 2mg of boron per serving. It’s certified gluten free and also free of most common allergens, but its dosage size is fairly low.


  • 2mg boron per serving
  • Certified gluten free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • GMO free
  • Made with vegetarian capsules

Who Makes It?

Pure Encapsulations is a Massachusetts-based supplement manufacturer. As their name suggests, they focus on pure, simple, and effective formulas.

Bottom Line

This is a good product, and a great choice for anyone with allergies or dietary sensitivities. With that said, the dosage size is lower than average.

7. Solgar Calcium Magnesium Boron

Solgar Calcium Magnesium Boron

Solgar Calcium Magnesium Boron is a unique supplement combining these three minerals.


  • 3mg boron per serving
  • 1000mg calcium
  • 400mg magnesium
  • Expensive

Who Makes It?

Solgar is a New Jersey-based manufacturer of health products and supplements. They were founded in 1947.

Bottom Line

This is a good product if you’re looking for all three of these nutrients, but it’s expensive. Not everyone will require all of these nutrients.

8. Swanson Chelated Boron

Swanson Chelated Boron

Swanson Chelated Boron is a powerful boron supplement containing 6mg of the active ingredient in every serving.


  • 6mg boron per serving
  • Made with chelated boron
  • Expensive

Who Makes It?

Swanson is a popular supplement company with nearly 50 years in the industry.

Bottom Line

This is a good, strong supplement, although it’s pricey. The higher dosage level may be more or less useful, depending on your specific reasons for taking boron.

9. BlueBonnet Triple Boron

BlueBonnet Triple Boron

BlueBonnet Triple Boron is a product that combines 3 forms of the mineral into one.


  • 3mg boron per serving
  • Uses a combination of citrate, aspartate and glycinate forms
  • Vegetarian capsules
  • Free of most allergens
  • Expensive

Who Makes It?

BlueBonnet Nutrition is a supplement firm based in Texas, that’s been in business since 1991.

Bottom Line

Again, it’s unclear whether or not having multiple forms of boron is an advantage. This product is a bit expensive.

10. Piping Rock Health Products Triple Action Boron

Piping Rock Health Products Triple Action Boron

Piping Rock Boron Complex is a simple supplement with 3mg per serving.


  • 3mg boron per serving
  • Quick release capsules
  • Has some fillers

Who Makes It?

Piping Rock is a New York based health and wellness company specializing in supplements.

Bottom Line

This is a pretty good product, but it has some fillers that are unnecessary.