How We Rank Supplements

When it comes to something as important as your bodybuilding and wellness goals, it’s important you have a clear overview of what you’re getting in exchange for your time and money.

We know that the supplement world can be scary, especially for beginners.

You’ve seen and walked through all the stacked isles in the supplement stores, and you know that supplements can be beneficial, but you’re just not sure who to trust or where to begin.

Over the course of the last seven years, we have lived and breathed supplements, to reach our goal of better understanding them and thereby gaining an advantage over the marketing tactics deployed by even some of the best supplement companies.

By doing so we’re able to take a few necessary steps back and analyze the products being sold to consumers; review claims carefully, and ultimately generate valuable guides, lists, and reviews for our time constrained visitors.

Our mission is to rid you of the fear and present you with an unbiased look at each product’s/company’s strengths and weaknesses; helping you make a well-informed decision. The end result is our extensive collection of supplement rankings.

What We Consider When Ranking Supplements

Overall Quality

We consider the overall quality and presentation of both the products and the companies behind them. A company should take pride in its products.

Brand Trust

Is this a trustworthy brand? What are users saying about it? Does it have a presence online? Can you contact them? We take all this and more into consideration.

User Feedback

What are people saying about the product? We get into the trenches to find and weed out user reviews and feedback of products. We also welcome and consider feedback emailed to us.

Ingredient Profile

Does this product have more of a certain ingredient than another product? One of the many questions we ask when examining ingredient usage.

Label Analyzation

What's on the label? Does it follow industry standards? Is it misleading? Are there errors? Just a few of the many things we look for in a supplement label.


Does the company abide by industry standards? Do they send their products for lab testing and clinical trials? Are they created in FDA approved facilities?

Pricing & Value

Is this product worth the price? How does it compare to other products that offer similar ingredients? We try to find the best value for our visitors.


Where can you buy this product? Does it ship worldwide? Is it available from reputable vendors? We awant to make it easy for you to buy.

Other Factors

Does this company use questionable/spammy practices? Do they make unreasonable promises? Do they misrepresent being a "legal alternative"?

Our rankings are powered, in part, by real consumer reviews from people like you, which helps ensure that our rankings remain honest and unbiased. Unless otherwise stated, our rankings/reviews do not rely on our own tests or personal preferences of our writers and editors. While we obviously do not and could not personally use all of the thousands of products out there, we make sure to only include products that meet our standards outlined in the criteria above. The content we publish is a qualitative and quantitative aggregate of public information such as user feedback, user reviews, social media posts, promotional material, manufacturer websites, scientific claims and published research; as well as other data we deem important to research and/or receive from the dietary supplements’ community, whistleblowers, nutritionists, etc.

Our Supplement Guides Process

Ranking products is only part of what we do here. Another point of pride is our supplement guide section dedicated to providing readers with info on the types of supplements that are helpful for specific needs.

From supplements for bodybuilding to anti-aging supplements, we try to cover a wide variety of needs that our readers might have.

Our supplement guides are researched and written by experts with titles such as:

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Health Focused PhDs
  • Clinical Nutritionist
  • Nutrition Marketing and Communications Consultant
  • Health Editor
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Exercise & Nutrition Science
  • Amateur Bodybuilder
  • . . . and others.
  • Check out the writers

This has resulted in a respectable reputation within the industry, and often in obtaining valuable information you won’t find elsewhere online.

The ultimate analyses and opinions on our site are our own. We instruct our editors and writers to maintain strict editorial integrity. The Top10Supps brand stands for accuracy and helpful information, strongly believing that our long-term success is contingent on taking the trust of our visitors seriously.

Why the Need for Research and Rank?

The year 1990.

The year that changed the supplements industry.

What happened in 1990 you ask?

This is when the U.S. government passed The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act.

Prior to this act the supplements industry was tightly regulated by the FDA, and though even with the passage of the act the dietary supplements still require FDA pre-approval, supplements were significantly expanded.

Following this act was an even more profound act for supplements, which opened the doors to what we see today, that was the Dietary Supplement Health and Education act of 1994.

The passing of these acts had both positive and negative implications on the population.

The positive being that it increases supplement research and development like no other. On the negative side however, it opened Pandora’s Marketing Box, and quality was lost in quantity.

Human greed and potential financial profiteering came first in a lot of instances, and the research that was being conducted was not being presented accurately or being deliberately misleading.

The Aftermath

Because of the unfolding of the above scenario, what was supposed to be a scientifically stimulating field, was instead overtaken by supplement marketing and advertising, making it extremely difficult to sift through all the false promises and accurately choose quality. was created out of the necessity to do just that, help consumers choose quality, accurately. By realizing the time constraints modern people have, we research and consolidate the hype down to (a more manageable number) ten most reputable dietary supplements.

This allows for relatively quick and more importantly smart decision making on your end.

With that in mind, go ahead and browse around some of the best supplements out there to propel you on your health and fitness voyage.

While we try to feature as many products on our site as we can, we can’t always feature every product out there. If you think we’ve missed something, please let us know by getting in touch!

We thank you for your readership and trust.