Dymatize Dyma-Burn Extreme Review

Dymatize Dyma-Burn Extreme review

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Dymatize Dyma-Burn Extreme review

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Dyma-Burn Extreme is a supplement supporting metabolic and thermogenic processes. It’s developed by the Dymatize Sports Nutrition company of Dallas, TX. Dyma-Burn is intended for accelerated fat and calorie burning with or without a workout, though exercise will certainly enhance the process. It’s frequently used by body builders as it allows you to build more lean muscle mass at a faster rate. Resting metabolism and total fat burning are usually heightened within one hour after taking the supplements and for a period of up to three hours afterward. Yet it’s safe to take during even rigorous workouts since heart rate and blood pressure are not notably elevated. The effects of Dyma-Burn use include improved alertness and focus without the stress and anxiety of some other metabolism-boosting products.

What’s in it?

Dyma-Burn Extreme contains caffeine and a proprietary mix involving a range of natural ingredients. These are formulated to promote optimal metabolic levels with regular use. These natural components include extracts of green tea, guarana, yerba mate, and fucus vesiculosus (a seaweed) leaves. The capsules also contain extracts from the roots of zingiber officinale (a variety of ginseng), panax ginseng, yerba mate, and salix alba (a variety of white willow) bark. Other additives include L-Carnitine, the herb salvia sclarea (providing ephidrena for appetite suppression), raspberry ketones, raw piper nigrum (black pepper) fruit extract, and Dymatize’s own trademarked XanaTHIN and CapsaTONE compounds.

Needless to say, it also includes a high amount of caffeine; up to 340 milligrams per dose. Compare this to about 95 mg in an 8-oz cup of coffee. And that’s just from one dose (two pills). Taking that much twice daily adds up to about 7 1/2 cups of coffee each day. It should therefore not be used by those with high blood pressure, heart disease, or nervous disorders.

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Dyma-Burn’s effects were confirmed by a study at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and the results presented at the International Society of Sport Nutrition (ISSN) Expo in Clearwater, Florida in June of last year.

The thermogenic results come from additional heat produced by the cells with a stimulated metabolism. Dyma-Burn Extreme’s effect vary in actual experience by individual; some report a warm sensation in muscles and heavy sweating. For others, the effect is much milder. Just be assured it is taking place, and as always, stay hydrated during your workouts.

Dyma-Burn Extreme is a powerful fat-burning solution meant for adults; recommendations are to take two capsules twice daily as the maximum dosage, in the morning and afternoon. In fact, Dymatize advises taking only one tablet twice daily to start off with the for at least the first week. Then you can gauge the effects on your exercise results, metabolism, and general health before doubling the dose. For best results, the capsules should be taken in combination with a well-planned diet and exercise program.

Overall Quality

Dyma-Burn Extreme is an effective fat burner. You can feel warmth in your body and muscles following the first hour after ingestion even without exercise. Once you start your workout, you can feel it working even more intensely in your targeted muscles. Starting with these supplements in the morning provides a fast wake-up and additional energy and alertness going into the afternoon, but without the jitters you’d get from the caffeine in excessive coffee consumption. It also works as an appetite suppressant.

Dyma-Burn Extreme gets a high rating from bodybuilder in particular, who are excited about having a product that can energize them to build more muscle but break down more fat at the same time.


Just as advertised, Dyma-Burn Extreme’s blend of ingredients does help you to control your appetite while accelerating fat burn, enhancing physical energy, mental focus, and improved metabolism.


It s a powerful fat-burning supplement with high caffeine levels and should not be taken in addition to similar supplements, or in combination with diets including caffeinated beverages like coffee or certain colas. Using Dyma-Burn Extreme in combination with these, or exceeding the normal does, can lead to insomnia, anxiety, and increased bladder activity. The supplement also contains yohimbe, which may also elevate anxiety and panic disorders.

It is advisable to take these pills with a meal, rather than on an empty stomach, to minimize any shock to the system. This is especially true if you’re new to Dyma-Burn Extreme.

Value for the Money

Dymatize Dyma-Burn Extreme comes in a variety of sizes, from eight capsule packages to 120 capsules, which is about a month’s worth if you’re taking the four capsules per day. The eight-capsule size is a good starter package, however. No matter what size you choose, you’ll wind up paying around a dollar a day for Dyma-Burn Extreme. With a number of online sites selling this product, there are also special deals going on from time to time, bulk discounts, or free shipping offers, depending on where you look. Some sites will also offer money-back guarantees. While even the basic price is a good value for a fat burner that really works, a little shopping around will find you even better deals. If you’re really serious about finally losing that extra weight, it’s well worth the price.

Final Verdict

Dymatize Dyma-Burn Extreme delivers on its promises. It provides a big energy boost to prime you for a hardcore workout so that you can burn even more calories and work your body harder. Many bodybuilders reported having the energy to put in two or three good workouts a day after only a few weeks of taking the capsules. More energy and more sweat burn fat quickly. Lower food intake and higher metabolic rates can fuel a very active lifestyle.

Even if you’re not a hard-training bodybuilder or athlete, Dyma-Burn Extreme can still be the basis of your weight loss effort; it’ll help to curb your appetite and boost your energy so that you’re more active on fewer calories. It’s not unusual to feel a burst of energy after your very first use that will power you through the day. But there’s no crash afterward.

Many of the fat burning products made for active adults can bring on trembling or gastrointestinal problems, but that’s rare for Dyma-Burn Extreme. The fact is, if you have any health problems, you shouldn’t be taking a product like this; it’s a serious fat burner, not a vitamin. It’s no joke. If you begin to experience health issues, stop taking it and see a doctor, because you may have other problems.

But it’s more than just a pep pill to pump you up for some hard daily workouts. Many users have reported that Dyma-Burn Extreme was the answer to controlling their regular diet and resisting cravings for sweets or junk food.

If you really want to burn fat, work harder, and control your appetite, Dyma-Burn Extreme can do that. After a few weeks of watching the fat melt away, you should be satisfied with every penny you spent on it.

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