MusclePharm Shred Matrix Review

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MusclePharm Shred Matrix review

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MusclePharm Shred Matrix

The idea of losing weight involves a complex process. There are systems that target certain areas of weight loss, while leaving others in the rear view. MusclePharm’s Shred Matrix is an 8-stage process that completely targets all areas of weight loss. It is a comprehensive approach that keeps your health in balance while benefiting from some incredible results. Below we’ll detail the product and go through the ingredients involved.

What is it?

MusclePharm Shred Matrix is a supplement that promotes weight loss and appetite control. It comes in a capsule form that requires taking 6 capsules per day for maximum effect. Each capsule is packed with particular and formulated ingredients that combine to create this powerful supplement. It is also works to help with mood swings and increase energy levels. It is designed as an addition product, meaning one cannot simply break a healthy diet and exercise routine to reap the benefits. It supplements your diet by introducing some ingredients we often don’t get enough of. The separate stages detail the ways it impacts your body.

What are the Included Ingredients?

This weight loss supplement contains a very large list of ingredients. Some are added as fillers or counterparts of other ingredients, to increase their effectiveness and to combine to create a formula that agrees with your body. Below we’ll detail the most important ingredients and discuss their individual impact. We will divide it into stages, to mimic the effects the supplement promotes.

Stage 1 and 2 look to increase energy and build up your metabolism. One of the most effective ways to go about producing energy increases is with caffeine. Two main caffeinated substances headline the ingredient list: Guarana seed extract and caffeine anhydrous. The guarana seed is added as a stimulant. It contains high dosages of caffeine, which provide bursts of energy. Since this product is taken 6 times per day, you won’t have to worry about a caffeine crash thanks to these calculated inclusion amounts. The caffeine anhydrous is included to keep you alert and focused throughout your day. It also benefits your energy levels, which works hand-in-hand with metabolism increases. Yerba Mate is the main ingredient in treating your metabolism. This leaf works directly with your metabolic rate, raising the levels through consumption.

Stage 3 and 4 work to help keep your appetite in check and balances your weight. Glucomannan is the main ingredient in appetite suppression. This ingredient is high in fiber and works to absorb waters in your body. It fills a void in your stomach by holding this consistency, allowing you to feel full for longer periods of time. The white kidney bean is used in conjunction with weight management. This extract benefits those who already feature a healthy diet. It works to balance out your immune system, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels. By placing this ingredient into stage 4, you can better develop your diet plan and start to shed the unwanted pounds.

Stage 5 deals with mood levels and promotes anti-stress methods. To create these methods, the 5 HTP seed it utilized. It helps raise levels of serotonin in the body. It keeps the production natural, allowing you to get a better grip on mood control. It also doubles as an appetite suppressor and is a major player in creating a focused mind and body.

Stage 6 works directly with your brain, creating a stronger mind. The ingredients used in this stage are pyroglutamic acid and papain. The pyroglutamic acid adds in digestion and eating habits. It helps break down substances to create a smoother digestion process. Papain is used to treat many illnesses and open wounds. It doubles as a protector of the elements that make up your body. The combination of these two keep your body and mind in check running at full strength.

Stage 7 is the diuretic complex, which relates to digestion and flowing of liquids throughout the body. The main ingredient in this stage is Uva Ursi. This is a leaf extract works as supplement that helps you thin out. It relates directly to substances used to promote a healthy body tissue make-up. It also works with your skin to help promote a more defined muscle make-up.

Stage 8 works to reduce sugar levels and promote the use of additional enzymes. This stage encompasses the use of many ingredients. For the sake of the reader, we won’t dive directly into the ingredient make-up, rather, we will explain the benefits to be had in this stage. The main ingredients in this stage work to reduce your blood sugar levels by promoting appetite suppression and improvements in digestion. The enzyme make-up works effectively as an enforcer that breaks down unwanted fats, carbs, and complex proteins. This process helps weed out the bad ingredients and keep the wanted substances flowing throughout your body.

MusclePharm Shred Matrix supplement facts label

Is the Product Effective?

Based on this comprehensive list of ingredients, we can deem this product as an effective option for the consumer. This large list of ingredients works to tackle all areas of weight loss and promotes additional benefits. This supplement works to make mental and physical advances, making it sought after by those looking for the complete package. The daily dose is something that will take a little getting used to, but when the body adjusts, the results can be staggering. The promotion works for those looking to find a product that looks to balance your body on a daily basis. The included ingredients also hold a large backing of research and clinical studies and most will be found on an all-natural basis.


This supplement is one that suits the needs of some and falls short for others. Below we’ll detail some selling points and some things that may keep some away from this supplement.


  • Value. This product contains 120 capsules with a recommended use of 6 per day. You can take 3 per day before meals for the first few weeks, which helps this product come in around the $1.00 per day range. A very friendly price considering the substantial amount of benefits.
  • The 8 stages of success. The fact that this product targets 8 separate areas of concern helps put it high on a selling list. You won’t find this many benefits with other supplements in this price range, making it a great product for those looking for the total package.
  • The research backs the ingredients. More times than not, you will find supplements that contain statements about ingredients not being fully tested. The product contains a very large ingredient list, but most of the ingredients hold scientific research backing their effectiveness in human trials.


  • The ingredient list contains a lot of funky combinations. While the ingredients are completely calculated and listed on a per serving, but the sheer mass of them may turn people away from this product.
  • The number of pills needed per day. 3 pills per day is a number that will rurn some consumers away.

Final Verdict

The amount of potential benefits provided by this product are just too good to ignore. The backed research behind the ingredients helps clear doubt and safety concerns. The price point is kept in range with comparable products, which helps keep the wallet full. If you are looking for the total package, MusclePharm’s Shred Matrix is something you’ll enjoy.

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