Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner Review


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Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner

Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner is a nutritional supplement designed to help burn fat. It claims to help boost thermogenesis, the cell energy production that burns calories, while also targeting several other aspects of fat burning.

Unlike many fat burners, this product does not contain caffeine or any form of stimulants. That means it shouldn’t have any effect on blood pressure or heart rate, and you can take it at any time of day without having to worry about getting to sleep.

It utilizes high quality ingredients, including three patented and advanced nutrient forms: Forslean®, Capsimax® and BioPerine®. The ingredients are fairly mild and do not typically cause serious side effects. And they are housed in easy-to-absorb, vegan and plant-based gel capsules.

Many fat burners make bold claims that aren’t necessary backed up by clinical science. We’ll take a closer look at this product in particular, to help you determine if it’s worth taking for your weight loss efforts.

What Sport Fat Burner Claims to Do

Performance Lab Sport Fat-Burner is designed to help burn fat and aid in weight loss efforts.

The manufacturers claim that the product helps with:

Fat Burning

This product is designed for weight loss and fat burning. The intended effects of the product target various aspects of the fat burning process. Some claims are supported, while others are overblown. See the sections below for evidence on each aspect of the fat burning process, and how this product may help.


Thermogenesis is the metabolic process in which your body burns calories to produce heat. Increasing thermogenesis can help increase your daily caloric burn, resulting in weight loss. The manufacturers of this product claim that Fat-Burner promotes thermogenesis.

There is some evidence to support this claim. Capsaicin, a compound found in cayenne pepper extract, can induce thermogenesis while also promoting fat oxidation. Coleus forskohlii, another included ingredient, may also play a role. Forskolin (included in coleus forskohlii) may affect thermogenesis by activating cyclic AMP. More research is needed.


Lipolysis is the process of breaking down stored fats to be used as energy. The manufacturer claims that this product enhances lipolysis by stimulating specific enzymes and hormones involved in the process.

There is limited evidence to support this claim. Capsaicin, the active compound in cayenne pepper, plays a role in lipolysis. It’s thought to promote cell lipolysis through the activation of certain hormonal signals. Forskolin may also affect lipolysis through its interactions with kinase, a hormone involved in the process. More research is needed.


This product claims to support a healthy metabolism, which may help to burn more calories.

There is limited evidence to support this claim. Chili peppers have been shown to boost the metabolic rate in women. Another compound in chili peppers, dihydrocapsiate, can also increase the resting metabolic rate by around 50 calories a day. More research is needed.


This product claims to help intensify training sessions by supporting endurance and optimizing oxygen consumption.

There is insufficient evidence to support this claim. While some of these ingredients could have a marginal impact, this product is not designed as a training enhancer and should not be thought of as such.

What’s In It

One serving of Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner (2 capsules) contains:

  • 250mg coleus forskohlii root
  • 1000mg HMB
  • 50mg cayenne pepper extract
  • 5mg black pepper extract

Coleus forskohlii root Coleus forskohlii is a plant that’s rich in forskolin, the active ingredient used in a variety of supplements and ancient remedies. It appears to have an effect on weight management, and may be useful for maintaining a healthy weight – but not necessarily for losing weight.

HMBHMB is a metabolite of amino acid leucine. When taken during exercise, it appears to have a moderate effect on fat burning. It also helps to prevent muscle protein breakdown, so it may be beneficial during dieting to avoid muscle wasting.

Cayenne pepper – Cayenne pepper is a rich source of capsicum. Cayenne pepper is thought to help increase calorie burn, although the difference is mild. It may also help to curb appetite, helping to make dieting easier.

Black pepper extractBlack pepper extract is a source of piperine, which is believed to inhibit enzymes that would attack other molecules. Because of this, it’s thought to improve the absorption of various drugs and supplements, so it’s often added to supplements like this. In other words, black pepper extract doesn’t do much on its own – but it may improve the efficacy of other supplement ingredients.

For Best Results

This is not a magic weight loss solution. In order to see real results, you need to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. This product could give you a slight edge, but it’s no replacement for a healthy lifestyle!

The best way to lose weight remains simply eating fewer calories. Exercise is also important, but diet plays the biggest role in any weight loss effort.

You should also speak with your doctor before taking this, particularly if you’re taking any medications. Some included ingredients can interact with other medications.

Potential Side Effects

This product appears to be relatively safe, but side effects are always possible. We can look at potential side effects of each ingredient to get an idea:

Coleus forskohlii can cause low blood pressure, fast heart rate and bleeding. It can also interact with other drugs and supplements.

HMB does not typically cause side effects, but reactions are always possible.

Cayenne pepper can cause skin irritation, stomach irritation, sweating, runny nose and stomach upset.

Black Pepper Extract can cause stomach irritation and upset.

Bottom Line

This supplement may help give you a slight fat-burning edge, but it’s unlikely to make a huge difference. However, the included ingredients are safe and relatively mild, so it may be worthwhile to try out.

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