Slimvox Fat Burner Review

Slimvox Fat Burner review

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Slimvox Fat Burner review

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Slimvox Fat Burner

Slimvox is an extreme weight loss pill designed for women. It is an all-natural product that features fast acting ingredients to help you shed weight fast. When it comes to fat burners, there can be many gray areas for the consumer to comb through. Weighing the pros and cons, dissecting the ingredient list, and deciding if it is cost effect are three key areas the consumer looks to attain backed information to. Below we’ll help you weed through the mess and discuss all of the ins and outs of this weight loss supplement pill.

What is in the Pills?

Slimvox contains a highly comprehensive contents list, so it is essential to review each ingredient and describe what it does for you. We start with Chromium Picolinate. Chromax, as it is more commonly referred to in the supplement world, is a chemical compound used to help raise chromium intake levels. Most foods and liquids that we eat daily contain very little to no metal elements. The human body doesn’t require much metal to function effectively, but hosting a diet that contains none could put you in a bind. This compound also works well with your cholesterol levels. Converting bad cholesterol into good can help keep your body healthy as you age. Used in moderation, this compound also helps maintain a good blood sugar level.

Raspberry ketones are the second essential ingredient this product contains. These ketones are derived from red raspberries. It is a chemical that improves aroma or tastefulness of products. It has also been shown to support weight loss production in diets that are high in fat, although there is not a ton of scientific evidence backing this claim.

Vitamin D is the third ingredient on our list. Vitamin D can be obtained through exposure to the sun or it can be infused in products to ensure you are gaining your correct daily values. It works primarily with your bones and muscles. It strengthens these elements and can help prevent against muscle loss as a part of a vigorous diet. It strengthens bones and keeps them healthy, preventing weakness and soreness.

Green coffee bean extract is the fourth included ingredient. The extract that comes from these beans is high in chlorogenic acid. This acid is one that puts benefits ahead of disadvantages. It works directly with your heart, blood sugar levels and fat levels to promote a healthier body. It reduces your risk of heart disease, helps lower your blood sugar to a safe amount, and promotes a fat burning process to help you shed weight.

The last important ingredient on the list is Irvingia Gabonensis. It is a tree that calls Africa home. It produces a mango that contains edible fruits and seeds used for medicinal purposes. The entire mango can be utilized to produce elements that help lower cholesterol levels and promote the loss of weight.

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What Makes Slimvox Effective?

We have already dived head first into the ingredient list, so now the discussion moves to the benefits this product provides the user. Slimvox helps boost your metabolism, control your appetite, and promotes a fat burning process.

Gaining a high metabolism is a task that is difficult to achieve. Slimvox looks to approach this matter with a method that contains boosters. These boosters effectively increase your overall energy levels and speed up the metabolism process. Attaining this boost is essential for you to burn fat in quick fashion. The boost comes from Vitamin D and Coenzyme Q10, two of the included ingredients in the product’s make-up. The Vitamin D works to break down and burning the fats. The Coenzyme Q10 is essential in the process of turning fats into useable energy. Creating an energy infusion naturally raises your metabolism, keeping this process safe and effective for the user.

Controlling your appetite is something we all struggle with. Snacking and eating out of boredom are a few things everyone struggles with. It is an occurrence that gets wired into our brains and is often tough to break down. Slimvox works to trick your brain into thinking you are full, suppressing the need to stuff endless amounts of food into your body. The main suppressors involve two familiar ingredients: Vitamin D and Coenzyme Q10. Vitamin D is an element that your body must release in order to provide you with a beneficial use for it. Since it can be obtained through the sun exposure or the product itself, Vitamin D is something we must learn to release over time. Excess Vitamin D is stored in fat tissue, causing you to gain weight instead of losing it. Coenzyme Q10 is primarily used for an energy boost. It works with your body to speed up the process of breaking down fats and using elements of intake in a positive fashion. This creates a more concise control over your body, helping you understand when you need to take in more food for energy and sustainability purposes.

The fat burning process is the most complex portion on our list of effectiveness. Since fat burning promotion is the main concern of this product, it is essential that there are many factors that go into making this happen. The main ingredients used in the fat burning process are as follows: African mangos, raspberry ketones, chromium, and Coenzyme Q10. The African mango works directly with fat burning and binding processes. The burning comes from the seeds that are high in fiber. The binding occurs using this fruit as a prevention for the fats. It prevents their build-up and stops them from being absorbed in your body. The raspberry ketones work directly with a hormone called adiponectin. Increasing the amount of this hormone release helps to lower blood sugar levels and the breakdown of fats. The chromium holds a very important role in the fat burning process. It is responsible for carrying sugars to essential cells in your body. Once these sugars reach their destinations, they provide a prevention to the buildup of lipids and maintains your blood-glucose levels. Lipids are fatty acids, so preventing them from gaining hold of your body and immune system can increase the fat burning process. The coenzyme Q10 makes an appearance in all three effectiveness components. As it relates to fat burning, this coenzyme is the most utilized enzyme in breaking down fat. By containing this element, Slimvox can help fuel this enzyme to proceed at high production levels, burning fat at an incredible rate.

Is Slimvox Cost Effective?

With monthly supplement supplies, we often notice a high price tag. Slimvox does not fall into that category. At a little over $1.00 a day, Slimvox provides you with a daily supplement that won’t break the bank. Each monthly supply contains 60 capsules. That is two opportunities for activation, allowing your body to gear up for the addition of this supplement and trend towards positive results in quick fashion. Other similar products with run you twice as much as Slimvox, making it a very intriguing option for conquering your weight loss goals.

Pros and Cons

Slimvox is a supplement, meaning it can work quickly for some and slower for others. It contains its fair share of both positives and negatives. Below we’ll showcase these attributes and provide additional detail for approvals and disapprovals.


  • Decent price range
  • The various ingredient list is very intriguing. It combines the use of some rare elements with others you can find just about anywhere. It isn’t overwhelming and it doesn’t carry a lot of made up claims.
  • A daily supply lasts the course of a day. You take two tablets a day, once before breakfast and once before dinner, providing you with additional energy increases throughout the day. It is more than just a fat burner; it’s an energizer.
  • The multiple benefits. It promotes fat burning, increases in metabolism, increases in fat buildup prevention, and helps increase your daily energy. The benefits outweigh any risks one could come up with.


  • This product is designed exclusively for women. Sorry guys, this one is just for the ladies.
  • There isn’t a lot of scientific research backing this product. The results may vary, which can be attributed to the differentiation among bodies. This product will not be consistent from one user to the next.
  • The overall ingredient amounts are not allocated on a per pill basis. We know the ingredients in the product, but we fail to receive the exact make-up included in each capsule.


Slimvox is a great product for those looking to gain more than one benefit from usage. It provides you with the opportunity to locate the areas where it suits you most. You may find that it gives you more energy or that it helps control your appetite, making it a great indicator product. We say indicator product because it helps you discover the areas where you are lacking benefits, which can help you with future supplement purchases. It contains a very friendly price tag, making it worth the one month trial. You really can’t go wrong with Slimvox and if you are in dire need of a new weight loss product, it is worth the investment.

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